In case you hadn't heard, ISIS has now expanded its reach outside of the Middle East and is now affecting politics and daily life in northern Africa. Thankfully the United States is willing, at least there, to stand up to ISIS and fight back against the terrorists.

In an air raid last week, the United States killed 43 ISIS militants in a bombing run that the Pentagon is describing as having an "immediate impact" on ISIS's ability to recruit and wage the war of terror in northern Africa.

Among those killed in the attacks was Noureddine Chouchane, an ISIS-affiliated terrorist who was responsible for two bombings in neighboring Tunisia. Those bombings took place in a museum and at a beach frequented by tourists and resulted in the death of many tourists.

"Destruction of the camp and Chouchane's removal will eliminate an experienced facilitator," a Pentagon spokesperson said. Meanwhile, the White House is praising President Obama for taking "forceful action" even though the President's decisions likely made little difference in the effectiveness of the mission.

ISIS has strongholds throughout much of Libya, including port cities and other, larger cities. Since the United States became involved in the region there have been multiple factions fighting for control and it appears that ISIS is again taking advantage of the power vacuum to seize land and power.

It's refreshing, then, to see President Obama strike at a well-identified target in the fight against ISIS. To-date the president has seemed reluctant to actually do more than talk about fighting ISIS and this is one of the first occasions where it seems Obama's attacks actually took effect.

Unfortunately ISIS will only use this most recent U.S. attack as further propaganda to use in its recruiting efforts and in its efforts to convince Muslims that the United States is evil.

We, as Americans, need to show ISIS that we're not afraid of getting our hands dirty and of being the bad guy when it comes to taking out the worse guy. ISIS is the worst guy on the block and we need to do our part to eradicate those scum.

h/t: Reuters

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