American Christian pastor, Saeed Abedini, is one of four hostages President Obama refuses to get back from Iran. Rather than step up and do what a strong American president should do, ours does whatever his Iranian master tells him to-like arm them with billions of dollars and the wherewithal to use nuclear weapons.

Abedini has been in the Iranian prison system for three years, where he is regularly beaten, tasered and tortured, as part of what we all know to be the fun-and-games aspect of the Islamic culture.

Saeed is accused of the “…connections with anti-government groups and has made statements and taken actions against the government of Iran” according to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who is aiding Saeed’s wife, Nagmeh.

There is no doubt that Saeed’s ability to communicate with the outside world and would be anti-government people in Iran is not happening in the Iranian prison system. Iran is doing what they do best-LYING!

Nagmeh is fighting hard to win her husband’s freedom. She is doing it with the help of ACLJ, prayer, and she has spoken to the United Nations (UN), and even managed to speak to Rouhani herself in the past, only to be met with silence, on all fronts, including that of our own useless president. She is also calling on Pope Francis. We’ll see if he can fit it in.

The UN remains silent to Nagmeh’s please. They have turned their back in this regard. In fact, rather than do their job protecting human rights, they are allowing Rouhani to speak to the General Assembly of the UN in the coming week.

Whatever the hell Rouhani has to say about anything is irrelevant. Iran should be shunned from the UN and our soil in general, until all of our hostages are released.

The once great League of Nations is now the useless patty-cake playing dictator-club known as the UN. They are capable of nothing excepting slapping each other on the back, high-fiving while giving the United States the middle finger and ignoring the plight of people like Saeed and three other Americans who are being held hostage, beaten and tortured by Rouhani’s lunatic government. The UNs’ behavior is abhorrent. President Obama’s behavior is abhorrent.

Do your jobs Mr. Obama and members of the United Nations and get ALL FOUR OF OUR HOSTAGES home-NOW!

Source: CNS News


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