It's ridiculous the things that people will do to try and get popularity on YouTube or Facebook. Two men in Michigan recently did something so outrageous they should be thrown in jail for a long time for their crimes.

Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey are two young men who live in Pontiac, Michigan. However, they show the side of Michigan that is more depraved than striving for growth, as evidenced in a recent video that they shot on their cellphones.

The graphic video shows Walker and Bey assaulting another Pontiac citizen, a 23-year-old who is disabled and obviously unable to defend himself.

Bey and Walker shot the video on their cellphone and then uploaded the video to their Facebook accounts where they could gloat about the assault.

Both of these thugs have a past history of criminal activity and they are under police custody with bonds set at a suitably high rate of $25,000 each.

Attacking anyone is illegal and wrong in the eyes of humanity and the law, but for these thugs to attack someone helpless like the disabled man shown in the video is completely heartless. It's amazing to think that people can perpetrate these crimes and not be caught before something so vile happens.

Luckily their escapades were, as is usual in these situations, heavily tinged with stupidity. They uploaded the videos to the Internet and that makes it easy for the police to track down these perps and make sure they'll never do something like this again.

Still, it's sad that Americans can have such violence within our midst. We need to shore up our schools and our communities to help protect each other from violence from thugs like this. It's hard to know how this could have been avoided, but if these criminals had been locked up before, this tragedy never would have happened.

If you feel the need to watch the video it is available here, be warned for violence and language: Video Link
h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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