Police officers are under attack in the United States. But if you relied on liberal media, you’d never know it. There were two more officers slain in the last thirty days and very few news outlets bothered to cover their tragic deaths.

Tyler Stewart, a 24-year-old police officer in Flagstaff, AZ, died when he attempted to calm a man involved in a domestic violence incident. The man shot the officer and then turned the gun on himself. They both died. The second incident happened in Florida. A violent fugitive gunned down Charles Kondek, a 45-year-old police officer and an 18-year force veteran in Tarpon Springs. The fugitive ran over the officer’s body as he fled the scene.

This comes less than a month after two NYPD officers were executed on duty. The two police officers were shot in the head, while eating lunch in their patrol car, by an anti-police race rioter and gang member. Just before the attack, the shooter proclaimed on Instagram that his intent was to seek revenge for police brutality.

While we don’t know yet if these most recent killings were related to Ferguson or New York rioters, it’s safe to say that the anti-law enforcement rhetoric coming from people like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and White House, isn’t making life any safer for police officers.

According to a report released by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund in late December, shooting deaths of police officers was up 56% in 2014 compared to the previous year. Of those deadly shootings, one-third happened during ambush attacks. Working as a police officer has never been more dangerous and the likelihood of being shot and killed has never been higher.

False claims of "police brutality" and rioters chanting for police officers to die, is more than just talk. It not only adds insult to an already dangerous job, these verbal attacks spawn and encourage criminal activity that further threatens the lives of police officers and first responder heroes across the nation.

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