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Two Minnesota men who have been accused of trying to join ISIS are now being additionally charged for student loan fraud. Investigators say that the two men, Hamza Ahmed and Hanad Musse both aged 19, used over $1,000 of their federal student loan money to purchase plane tickets to Greece and Turkey. The students, if you can call them that, were traveling to Syria to join ISIS.

Prosecutors are charging a group of seven men from Minnesota in a plot to join ISIS. One defendant, Abdurahman Daud made his first appearance in court on Tuesday. In the charges he allegedly went to California to acquire fake passports. Supports of the men allege that the defendants are victims of government entrapment. The plot all came to light when another man who was part of the plot turned into an informant for authorities. The informant was also trying to join ISIS as well. This informant has been paid over $12,000 by the FBI. It is mind-boggling that the government is willing to pay this ISIS sympathizer. Isn't letting this informant avoid solitary confinement for many years enough of a payment.

Not only are taxpayers on the hook for paying a terrorist informant but also giving these 'students' federal loan money to travel to join the jihadist movement.

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