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Armed robber Tyler Williams in inset above left

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve probably seen those humorous videos where a young punk attempts to intimidate an old guy, perhaps taunting him and talking trash, and looking for a fight. Then suddenly the old guy lunges forward and with one devastating blow, the Young Turk is on his backside out cold.

If this young would-be thug had learned that lesson years ago, he would probably still be alive today.

This incident took place when the masked youth attempted an armed robbery with a pellet gun in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, pointing the real looking weapon in the face of an elderly gentleman who quickly pulled out his own – and very real .38 caliber weapon and shot him in the head, killing him instantly

The 67-year old was walking in the park when he was suddenly accosted by the young thug brandishing the toy gun that ultimately cost him his life.

The intended victim had a concealed weapon to carry license, however the traumatic incident did affect him negatively, and he was taken to the hospital complaining of chest pains.

Police investigated the incident and did not charge the older man, citing self-defense as the motivation for the shooting death.

Michael Chitwood the Upper Darby Police Superintendent said that the victim “did a great job defending himself.”

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