Stupidity never ceases to amaze. Did you know you could use an EBT card to undertake nefarious activities like terrorism? Apparently so! In fact that is just what two prize males (we certainly can’t call them men because they don’t deserve the honor), attempted to do.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Ali Davis, members of the notorious racist mob of morons, otherwise known in their circles as the local New Black Panther Party, decided to spend their taxpayer-funded welfare money to procure the materials necessary to blow up the Ferguson, Missouri police station.

Ferguson being the location of all the Black Lives Matter riots that destroyed their town. The Chief of Police, Thomas Jackson was their murder-target, as was the entire police force.

This happened last fall, but traction in the mainstream media is lacking. Naturally, because these are angry black men who want to kill white police officers, or any law enforcement really, so the left-wing media justifies their thuggery existence with complicit silence.

In November of 2014, Baldwin and Davis engaged in a transaction, with an undercover federal agent, to purchase a pipe-bomb.

Unfortunately, Baldwin did not have enough lunch money because his EBT card was low on funds. He was going to have to wait until his next installment of tax-payer money was loaded on his E-ticket free-ride plastic before he could buy his bomb. Well, Baldwin came up with the whopping $250.00 he needed for his prize and was arrested.

If you can believe it, Baldwin’s lawyer portrays him as a “law-abiding, artsy” type of “philosopher” and one whose mere existence benefits the community. Is that what we are calling pipe-bomb wielding black thugs these days? How novel. Davis is one of the Panther Party’s “Ministers of Law.”

These people, no matter what they call themselves are murderous thugs. These thugs are wastes of skin taking up oxygen that the rest of nature needs. These are black supremacists who hate all non-black people, particularly Jewish people, socialists who think they are owed a living for breathing, and think everyone must bow at their feet.

Sound familiar? Hitler…Boko Haram…ISIS…anyone? This is what we are dealing with. How despicable.



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