One of the worst nightmares in modern life is the thought of a terrorist sending a bomb into the heartland, into America. Thankfully, after 9/11 the government stepped up and realized that such a thing was very possible. But recent news has revealed that some terrorists are still trying to make that a reality in our country.

The news came after authorities at one of Serbia's airports discovered that a package being shipped to Portland, Oregon actually contained two Hellfire missiles. The missiles were packaged with the explosive warheads and could easily have been used to detonate almost any American target.

Authorities revealed that the package containing the two Hellfire missiles was originally sent from Lebanon to Serbia. How the explosive-filled package made it onto the plane in the first place is a huge mystery but it leaves some doubt that international authorities are screening the cargo of airplanes as strictly as are American authorities.

Thankfully the Serbians employed sniffer dogs who were able to detect the missiles and alert authorities. If they hadn't, who knows what would have taken place when the missiles reached their destination in America.

Hellfire missiles are extremely capable as explosive devices because they can be fired from almost any location be it on the ground, in the air, or even out at sea. The fact that these missiles were being shipped from Lebanon indicates that the reach of the Islamic State is finally having a direct effect on our everyday lives. We are being threatened by these Islamists.

America, maybe its finally time that we didn't take any more hits from radical Islamists and fought back. This is our home, our country, and people are trying to attack it. It's our turn.

UPDATE: According to a new report, the Portland in questions was actually the Portland located in Maine and the missiles were part of an FBI training plan. Read more here.

h/t: Komo News

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