Radical Islam is again rearing its ugly head on American soil and it is up to our police officers to face off against a threat that can come out of nowhere. For the officers involved in a recent police shooting in New York, that's exactly how it happened.

Jamal Funes is a criminal who has committed crimes in three states and is undoubtedly a Muslim radical. He has expressed his hatred for police officers and it was that hatred that led to the shootout that took him down and wounded two officers.

Funes was, reportedly, stopped at a traffic light when he mistakenly leveled his gun at a New York transit worker that he thought looked like a police officer. The transit officer made it away safely, but two beat officers who were patrolling in a nearby neighborhood heard gunshots and hopped in their patrol car to chase after Funes.

After Funes took a wrong turn and started driving the wrong way down a one-way street he was eventually stopped after running into a police car.

The fire fight then broke out and Funes managed to hit one officer in the chest and another officer in the hip. The officer hit in the chest was wearing body armor that stopped the bullet, and the officer hit in the hip is in stable condition after undergoing surgery.

The same can't be said for our radical Muslim assailant. Funes was hit multiple times and is in critical condition in a local hospital.

These are the real situations that our police officers deal with, people. They are on the ground, protecting us from radicals like this Funes every day.

Yet the government in Washington wants to bring even more radical Muslims from the Middle East and settle them in our country. Tell me how that's not a recipe for more disasters like this one?

h/t: New York Post

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