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The carnage in America continues as yet another innocent life is randomly taken, in that the victim hardly knew his assailants, in what appears to be another senseless murder, or perhaps a robbery gone wrong, whatever the reason Alexander Burkart is dead, and he died for simply delivering a pizza.

It was just another routine day for the 22-year old driver, making sure that he delivered his pizza’s hot and ready to eat, however little did he know that waiting on the other end of that delivery were two thugs ready to take his life.

Jayvon Cates and Deandra Arnold, who were described as local “gang bangers,” reportedly stabbed Burkart several times before he was able to escape in his car.

However, police soon discovered Burkarts vehicle crashed on the side of the road with Burkart lying dead inside, apparently from his stab wounds.


Cates and Arnold have had several run-ins with the local police who claimed that the crime was motivated by robbery.

And perhaps it was, however since July 2014 Burkart was the 7th “documented victim” of a white pizza delivery driver being killed by black assailants, and those are the facts.

It seems however that law-abiding blacks living within the inner city, may already know that taking a job as a pizza delivery driver is a risky business.

Of course race baiters like Sharpton and the mainstream media would never highlight the carnage taking place among these drivers…because it simply wouldn’t fit into their narrative

h/t: Young Cons


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