On the same day Republican candidates for the presidential nomination for the presidency debated their proposed solutions for dealing with the threat posed by Islamic terrorists, French officials once against faced the possibility of an attack on its soil from within.

France remains under a state of emergency that has existed since a series of well-coordinated attacks in Paris launched by Islamic terrorists killed 130 and left hundreds injured at restaurants, cafés, a soccer stadium and a concert venue on a busy Friday night in the country’s capital city on November 13.

Police arrested an unidentified man at a hotel in Disneyland Paris, the most popular theme park in Europe attracting over 10 million visitors in 2014. The park is less than 20 miles from Paris.

The  28-year-old man’s bag set off security alarms as it was scanned when he entered the Hotel New York. It was found to contain two 7.65 caliber firearms, which the police identified as “automatic Colt pistols,” a pack of cartridges and a copy of the Quran, the Islamic holy book.

A spokesman from Disneyland Paris said the discovery was made as a result of “routine screening,” and top police official Jean-Luc Marx, told local reporters, “I’d like to highlight that the security services of Disney and the police forces immediately reacted, so that this individual was put somewhere where he could do no harm — if that was indeed his intention, we don’t know yet.”

The police, who said the suspect was known to them only for the offense of driving without a license, said the suspect did not resist arrest, and told them he had gone to the hotel in the Disney village to book a room.

Authorities immediately launched a search for a woman said to be his companion and, although they detained a suspect, she was later released.




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