“It’s absolutely unacceptable that the gun industry can’t be held accountable when they endanger Americans.”

Those are the words of Hillary Clinton via her @HillaryClinton Twitter account, and her #DemTownHall.

A bit ironic, isn’t it.  Perhaps the real statement should be, “It’s absolutely unacceptable that Hillary Clinton can’t be held accountable when she endangers Americans.” Or, worse yet, when she gets them killed through ineptitude, such as what happened over in Benghazi.

Fortunately, we are not the only ones who find Mrs. Clinton to be offensive. Twitter user, Miranda Wells, who goes by the handle @Moonraker33, responded;

“@HillaryClinton do we hold the computer industry accountable when someone mishandles classified gov’t Intel on a private email server?”

Boom! As the head line says, Hillary—here is your ass. Oh, and I, @Moonraker33, spanked it for you.

Ms. @Moonraker33 has quite a following. Rich Kincade, @Rich65k, offers up a Game of Thrones video meme with “Classic…mic drop Miranda!”

Then there is David Oslin’s, @hyperion5182 response, “That my dear was one very SICK burn. My hat is off to you.”

Ms. Wells, has reached out to Ms. Clinton again to let her know that she is, “Eagerly awaiting your reply.” She has been met with classic Clinton silence. We are all waiting for her reply, but we won’t be holding our breath.

Clinton is not one to have dialogue with the masses so much as banshee nails on the chalkboard shrill monotone shrieking at them.

Hillary Clinton is the way she is because for far too long she has been pandered too, told she is just so wonderful, and as a result she believes she is a princess with a country who owes her the presidency.  

Unfortunately for her, more than half the nation realizes that none of us deserve such punishment. If any industry needs to  be held accountable for endangering Americans it is the political industry of DC, and particularly the liberal wing of it.

Source: Mad World News

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