State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf made one of the world's most idiotic comments to a question over our effectiveness in destroying ISIS during an interview with Chris Mathews from MSNBC.  She responded to the fact that we are slaughtering many of them, but we aren't addressing the root cause.  She stated, but I can't write her comment word for word without throwing up, that people join extremist groups because of a lack of opportunity for jobs.

Twitter went nuts over this crazy stance.  Using this twist of logic to make their own graphic replies, irony flew back and forth in abundance.  Making pictures with messages, people tweeted responses to #jobsforisis and of course, the results were loaded with dark humor meant to stimulate the low IQ reasoning centers of the brain, as demonstrated by Marie Harf.  So here we go, visiting some of those images right here for your carefully ironic viewing pleasure.

First Place - Sign Advertisements

Sign AdvertisingWho wouldn't love a job in advertising?  The benefits are great!  Since it's against the law to make false advertising, we can hope this will be a filled position soon, with as many ISIS as we can line up.

Second Place - The Job Application


Who says extremism isn't a job marketable quality?  The city and state listed for this job application kind of says it all.

Third Place - Mine Sweepers


I couldn't envision a better job for jihad nutcases.  Why take the time to make a suicide bombing vest, when you can save innocent Muslims from Imperial Landmines by stepping on them?

targetpracticeFourth Place - Target Practice

Who wants to go to the range today?  I do!  What a heck of a brilliant job for those monsters.  The fact that they dress like shadow silhouettes in the first place has to be more than a mere coincidence, right?

The biggest problem I would have here is which of my firearms to take to this range?  My .40 JHP, or perhaps my old fashioned .38 police special.  Wait, neither of those.  I'm going to clean my trusty .44 Automag so I can feel like Dirty Harry when squeezing the trigger.  I might even say a few traditional phrases as well, just to stay in the spirit of it all.

Fifth Place - Human Resource Officers


Nothing like a little truth for the irony to really stick a Liberal Democrat in the liver with.  Seriously, this little dose of reality is near genius.

Sixth Place - Walmart Greeter


Considering the many kinds of greeters I've done my best to avoid at my local Walmart, I can almost see this actually happening.  Thank goodness this is nothing but satire.

Seventh Place - Illegally Imported Future Democrats

newdemocratsWho better to hire for on the cheap wages but illegal ISIS immigrants?  Unafraid to vote 10 times across multiple jurisdictions for one Democratic candidate, they will scream racist each and every time a Voting Official calls them out for election fraud!

Eighth Place - Professional Democrat Activist


This Twitter creation says it all.  Democrats actually wants their paid activists to understand their needs, even better than the rest of the United States and our silly-smart American citizens, right?

Ninth Place - Camp Counselors


I will pretty much bet a pretty penny these guys will get hired at a place called Camp Crystal Lake, where the local serial killer named Jason would love some new allies when more Christian teenagers arrive.  Come on, tell me you didn't see that one coming...

Tenth Place - Fast Food Heaven


Who better to work at McDonalds than an ISIS terrorist?  If the fast food doesn't kill the infidels, then the counter manager can pull the AK-47 and do it directly!

Marie Harf

She has a job where some intelligence, tempered by wisdom, is supposed to relay the stance of the White House and the President of the United States to the media.  Marie should be placing her resignation right about now, but instead, is probably off somewhere cooking up another major gaffe for Twitter to wield as a weapon of mass media destruction.  How could such a person be so blindingly dumb?

Thanks to Twitter for this next image, I'm positive we got this figured out at last:

MarieWaynePlease note, this is probably not a fuzzy picture from Twitter, but how shocked our own mind is at the truthful comparison.  Of course, that's only using logic as Maria so easily displays.



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