Although reports of atrocities committed by ISIS fighters and sympathizers ranging from beheadings, crucifixions, and stonings to caging prisoners and burn them alive or drown them continue to shock and disgust the Western world, occasionally news of a particularly heinous act reveals the true depth of the depravity of these barbarians.

Investigators in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, have released the grisly report of twin brothers committed a premeditated stabbing attack on their entire family, killing their mother and inflicting serious injuries on their father and brother.

The “crime” committed by the family? The mother, 67-year-old Haila Al Areeni, had learned of the twins’ plans to run away to fight for ISIS and threatened to turn them in to authorities.

They first attacked a younger brother, chasing him to the roof of the family home and stabbing him repeatedly, before going into another room in search of their parents.

The mother was fatally stabbed with a meat cleaver and died at the home, while both the brother and father sustained critical wounds and remain in the hospital in serious condition.

Twins Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni have been taken into custody after fleeing from the Hamra neighborhood in the capital in a stolen car and leading police on a manhunt.

Gulf News reported that the mother’s funeral was attended by hundreds of people who prayed for her “as they would for a terror victim.”

The number of foreign recruits who leave their homes and families across Europe, as well as in Russia and the United States, to fight for ISIS has been estimated at more than 30,000.

While some are lured by promises of adventure and rewards in the afterlife and some are genuine believers in jihad, a holy war against the infidel to establish a worldwide caliphate of Muslim rule, the U.S. State Department believes that 40,000 foreign fighters from 100 countries have gone to Syria as mercenaries.

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