This should come as a surprise to no one! And much like Obama’s Affordable Health Care for America Act, which was crafted in 2009, and never became law as originally drafted, because it was crafted to disguise the fact that in actually the law as defined by the Supreme Court is a punitive tax on the American people.

If anything this Administration does one thing well, and that’s “deception” and the same practice used to pass ObamaCare was used to pass this flawed deal

Fox News’ James Rosen reports some senior US officials involved in the negotiations have concluded that a key element of the deal conflicts with federal law and can’t be implemented, unless congress changes the law.

So is it simply a continuance of simple incompetence by this Administration as they would like you to believe, or perhaps something a lot more sinister?

At issue is a provision allowing foreign subsidiaries of US firms to do business with Iran only if they’re removed from the terrorist list, and if they cease in their quest for WMD’S, which ironically was signed by Obama himself into law in 2012, which specifies that Iran must permanently cease the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, however the deal that was approved actually references Iran’s plans and Obama’s acknowledgment of Iran’s intent of building a bomb…incompetence or treachery? You be the judge.

Source: NY Post


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