Honest journalists will tell you a story has "legs" when it's got punch and factual substance worthy of followup articles.

Dishonest Media people will run with a story -- and continue running with it -- even when it's a total lie.

The important point to keep in mind about fake journalists is that the information conveyed must support a preconception or bias, or serve a larger political agenda.

Back in October, NBC's "Access Media" ran with a legless story that painted candidate Donald Trump as an arrogant, misogynistic grabber of beautiful women. The intent of the attack piece was total character assassination in the 11th hour of the Trump campaign.

It nearly worked.

Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson says he's had enough of all the mainstream media lies about the election -- namely, that Russia influenced people to vote for Trump.

In a recent video Carlson takes apart the false media narrative. He asserts that there was no evidence Russia hacked voting machines -- no evidence Russian "propaganda" swayed voters.

There's lots of evidence, Carlson notes, that Trump was the intended target of coordinated media innuendo and conspiracy mongering.

Why did such lies persist, and why did they grow? Tucker asks.

Simple. The colluding, dishonest media never lets a good lie go to waste. They are solidly in the liberal Democratic Party camp. They are owned and/or controlled by an elite oligarchy that is more concerned about wielding power and influence on the national level than about truth or elevating the public discourse.

And this media oligarchy wholeheartedly loathes Donald Trump.

Carlson makes the bold statement that NBC "already knew the identity" behind the leaking of information to the Washington Post that broke the Trump-as-pervert story.

"It was them [NBC]," Carlson said, adding that NBC also "lied to the public to help destroy a politician they didn't like."

This is how the mainstream media works. It has an agenda, and that agenda is decidedly anti-conservative and anti-Republican. It has a mission, and that mission is the engineering of public consent.

It's really insidious and diabolical when you come right down to it. But in Newton's universe for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Enter the alternative media.

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Source: Truthfeed

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