The American people are getting to witness "up close and personal” the Clinton Foundation’s criminal enterprise beginning to crumble, like a “house-of-cards.”

The clandestine “play to pay” antics by the corrupt duo, is finally being revealed, and what the American people are seeing should disgust even the most avid Clinton supporter, in that the two money-grubbing corrupt and sleazy politicians have betrayed the trust and goodwill of the American people and as such should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law!

This latest egregious action is simply one in a long and yet to be discovered cover-ups. In that Clinton Foundation officials have yet to disclose their 1/3 quarter donors for 2016. This ended September 30th which of course delays finding out who actually contributed to the Foundation, and thus avoiding the disclosure of donors before the November 8th election deadline.

Obviously the Clinton duo are masters at running-out-the-clock, that’s what they do when faced with a scandal, they avoid, ignore, stonewall and allow others to run interference until the news cycle changes to other topics, and in which Obama himself has learned, no doubt observing the Clinton's in action.

The quarters run in intervals of 3-months each, the 1/3 quarter begins July 1st and ends September 30th.

Moreover the Foundation has yet to release its 2015 Form 990 federal tax return to the IRS, which means that the voting public will not have an opportunity to look over the charity’s financial status until well after the election, which raises additional questions as to how much money actually goes directly to those in need? Or is this perhaps another money scam by the corrupt duo.

Hopefully the information hidden within those over 650,000 emails currently under criminal investigation by the FBI may shed additional information on this criminal enterprise.

Do you think Hillary is hiding sketchy donations from foreign interests?

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