America’s national security interests regarding immigration should never be predicated on a preconceived “quota system” that may put America at risk. Moreover designing a meticulous screening process that protects the homeland against terrorist aggression should be of primary concern to both lawmakers and the Supreme Court.

At issue is the Presidents desire for a more comprehensive evaluation process that ensures those entering the country do not pose a threat to American’s or to our vital infrastructure, and the Supreme Court’s desire to apparently speed up the immigration process by taking in more immigrants.

America’s refugee cap of 50,000 refugees has already reached that limit, and those seeking asylum will now face much tighter regulations.

However, the Supreme Court’s arbitrary rule ordering more refugees into the homeland beyond the 50,000 cap, providing “bona fide relationship” with individuals already in America, might indeed be a “red herring” if the Administration circumvents their own stringent security process to simply appease the Court.

Regardless if refugees provide proof they have close relatives living in the United Sates, jobs or admission into colleges or universities, our screening process should not be compromised for expediency.

Last year over 85,000 refugees were admitted into the United States, that figure surpassed 2015 by 15,000, however, the number is less important than the quality of those individuals entering our country.

The refugee program which is overseen by The State Department, said yesterday that it had notified resettlement agencies that the current cap of 50,000 had been reached, however individuals traveling to America would still be admitted. Moreover, the 120-day window and additional requirements would be in place while the Trump Administration reexamined security screening. As of Wednesday, 50,086 refugees have been admitted since the budget year began last October.

Least we forget President Trump is the only individual directly mandated with the awesome responsibility of protecting the homeland, not the Congress and not the Supreme Court, no matter what they purpose.

Do you think the Supreme Court can impose a quota system and perhaps endangering our National Security interests?

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Source: Daily Mail

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