Donald Trump is at it again. With a win in the New Hampshire primary, the Republican front-runner is again doing what he does best--making waves in the political sphere with his comments. Trump's most recent remarks dealt with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and something called eminent domain.

For any who don't know, eminent domain is the rule that governments are allowed to take private property from law-abiding citizens in order to build highways, bridges, or other large, public works that will benefit society.

The government is supposed to purchase the land at "fair market value," but the issue is a sticking point for many Republicans who, frankly, don't enjoy the idea of the government being able to purchase any of their land at any time.

Trump was attacked by Jeb Bush in the last debate before the New Hampshire primary because Trump is in favor of the eminent domain law. That is a sticking point for many Republicans who might vote for Trump with over 60 percent of potential voters saying that the issue made them think twice about voting for Trump.

SCOTUS comes into the picture because, sooner or later, whoever is elected president is going to recommend justices for a seat on America's highest court.

Trump, it seems, wouldn't be opposed to having a justice appointed who believed in eminent domain and that's what has many liberals throwing a fit.

Trump is super-conservative on the one hand, but he also is showing undecided liberal voters that they may have reason to vote for him instead of Clinton or Sanders. That's not at all what the Democratic party wants.

Trump is enigmatic, but the one thing that he has demonstrated is his ability to engage issues that people find important. Whether it's eminent domain, immigration, Muslims in America, or taxes, Trump doesn't shy from any of the hard questions, and that's pretty impressive.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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