Donald Trump has been getting in trouble with the liberal media for his stance on Muslims and Islam for the past several weeks. But the most recent drubbing he's received has been for simply stating a common sense opinion.

If you missed it, the comments I'm referring to happened during Trump's recent appearance on the MSNBC morning news program Morning Joe.

Trump was asked, "“Do you think that Islam is an inherently peaceful religion that’s been perverted by some? Or do you think Islam is an inherently violent religion?"

His answer, though offensive to liberals, seems to use perfect common sense. "All I can say is there’s something going on. I don’t know that that question can be answered. . . . But there’s something going on there."

It's for those words, "there's something going on there," speaking about the Islam religion, that Trump is receiving flak from liberals.

A writer for the Washington Post says that Trump's willingness to blame a "large part" of Islam for the violence that is occurring, is exposing "the xenophobic subtext of his rhetoric about Muslims."

But while Trump's comments are being labeled "xenophobic" by liberals, they echo the questions of thousands upon thousands of Americans: Is it safe to welcome Muslims into our country with open arms and little to no background checks?

If Islam is not to blame for the attacks, it's up to Muslims around the world to be vocal and vociferous in their denial of the violence proclaimed by modern jihadists.

To-date, the voice of peaceful Muslims just hasn't been heard. And that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't there, but if it is there, why haven't we heard it?

Trump is simply speaking for the everyday American and our fears.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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