The “Trump Doctrine” is what The Donald is calling it. What is this “Trump Doctrine?” It’s “Sstrength.” A two-word name for single word mission statement for our military under his administration.

In that mission statement are also things like faith in our service men and women, respect for what they do and are capable of, and support to allow them to do what they do without their hands tied behind their back and funding them appropriately.

“The Trump Doctrine is simple. It’s strength. It’s strength. Nobody is going to mess with us. Our military will be made stronger.”

Trump recognizes the rise of radical Islam is unlike any enemy we have ever had to deal with. Very pointed in his statement, and in recognition of what General Odierno had to say, Trump said that our Army, “…is in the worst level of preparedness that it’s ever been that he can ever remember, and maybe in its history.”

Nobody alive could possibly think this is by accident, or natural by means of attrition. This is by design and by the design of the man who has “disdain” for it—President Obama.

Whether Trump is elected or not, his doctrine of Strength should be one any of the candidates should take to heart and follow. If anything about America needs to recover and be made strong again, it is our military because we are in what will be a very vicious war for the freedom of the world.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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