Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has already taken steps toward delivering on one of his campaign promises. After Trump was approached by Mexican president Pena Nieto about a meeting, Trump met with Nieto and the meeting appears to have been a homerun.

According to Trump's statements, he was able to communicate freely and openly with Nieto about the problems he's been confronting throughout his whole campaign. Among those problems are illegal immigrant crime, the cost of deportation, unequal trade deals and Trump's plans to build a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico.

Trump specifically focused on the unequal trade agreements between the United States and Mexico and reported that he spoke with Nieto directly about that problem. Nieto also came away from the meeting spouting good things and obviously pleased with the result.

"Mexican nationals in the United States are honest people, working people," Nieto plugged during a press conference following the meeting. While the comments are true in many cases, Trump has specifically pointed to the many cases that get swept under the rug when Mexican nationals commit crimes and aren't deported.

Nieto said, during his post-meeting press conference, that there was no way Mexico would be paying for a wall. But on the same side of the coin, who would have guessed that Trump and the President of Mexico would be enjoying a cordial, friendly meeting? Liberals don't know what to make of this side of Trump.

This is the deal-making, people-person side of Trump that has helped him create a brand and business that is known around the world. Trump is obviously skilled at making deals and coming out of situations on top, and this meeting with the president of Mexico only proves that more.

We'll have to wait to see construction begin on that wall, but I don't doubt that Trump believes he can still do it.

h/t: NY Times

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