While the liberals in America continue their chants for Bernie Sanders' socialist policies, Donald Trump, as the presumptive Republican nominee for the November general election is taking some time to figure out his platform. For all Trump supporters, this fact should elicit a sigh of relief. At last Trump will extend his policy knowledge beyond a few talking points.

Chief among those that Trump is consulting about foreign policy in this dead-zone between the primaries and the general election is Henry Kissinger, a former national security adviser and secretary of state.

Kissinger and Trump have, according to Trump's campaign, spoken on the phone several times throughout the election, but Wednesday's planned meeting may be their first face-to-face discussion. The meeting is scheduled to take place in New York and may very well be held in Trump Tower.

While there can be no doubt that Kissinger was plugged into the national security world back in the days of Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, it's unlikely that Kissinger will be consulting with Trump on any specific policies.

Rather, it seems likely that Kissinger will be giving Trump feedback and advice when it comes to broad strategy and foreign policy paradigms. Thinking that Kissinger will supply Trump with any silver bullets or international secrets is just asking too much for someone who is 92 years old.

However, if Trump can solidify his foreign policy and take lessons from Kissinger into account, he could be well on track to meeting the Democratic presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, we should all remember, served under President Obama as Secretary of State and will no doubt flaunt her international experience.

The way that Trump will be able to hold himself apart, though, could very well depend on lessons he picks up from policy wonks like Kissinger.

Kissinger confronted extremely difficult political situations--the Vietnam War, Communist China, and interactions with the Soviet Union.

If he's able to impart some knowledge and wisdom to Trump, who knows what the general election will bring.

h/t: NBC News


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