Poor South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley. The woman just can’t get it right. In GOP establishment fashion, her approach to her own constituents is par for the course—ignore those who elected her and tow the party line. 

This manner of governorship led to her deciding, against the general consensus, to remove the Confederate flag from the state capital, in the wake of the Charleston church shooting (Summer 2015).

Normal people everywhere, and particularly in South Carolina, recognized that the flag did not make Dylan Roof go on a shooting spree. His lunatic mind did. Racist?

Absolutely. Does that make all Confederate flag waving South Carolinians racists? No, but her action of removing the flag said as much.

Haley threw her support behind RINO Marco Rubio. Again, she is tone-deaf to what her constituents are after.

While one could argue Trump is a RINO as well, and none of them truly want a conservative such as that found in Cruz, they clearly do not want whomever she picks.

Had she thrown her support behind Trump, would he have still avalanched to a victory?  Hard to say.

Saturday’s election was a referendum on Haley. She should be cognizant of that fact, because the governor’s race is coming up as well. It might be too little too late to start listening to the people.

Source: Mad World News


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