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Trump is, oddly enough, being heckled in the media for admitting he has developed his foreign policy opinions via viewing the various cable channels and their guests, such as former Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, and various former military experts.

It is ironic that the cable news talking heads make fun of Trump, when it is exactly these same expert guests that they refer to as, well, experts.

Trump has a plan to beat ISIS, and for that matter temper much of the Middle East by assisting Saudi Arabia in what is about to become their own fight against the Jihad, seizing a valuable asset, Iraqi oil, and charging the Middle Eastern nations we will be helping for our services.

Mercenary army? No. Money talks? Yes, and loudly.

So, Trump wants the oil. He wants the US, our soldiers, their families, and our expenses reimbursed for fighting a war that, as he said, “…was a big mistake.”

That last point is debatable, but what isn’t is that the United States got nothing out of it, certainly not a victory. Foreign policy experience aside, his plan has merit, because the so-call foreign policy experts currently in office are certainly doing a poor job at the moment.



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