Donald Trump has done one thing consistently since he announced that he was running for President of the United States--ruffle the GOP establishment's feathers. Whether it is controversial comments about Muslims or lashing out at Fox News accolytes, Trump hasn't pulled any punches throughout his campaign.

It appears that his blunt manner will continue, as news of Trump's foreign policy "dream team" was announced. The team of foreign policy wonks and experts features many names who wouldn't show up on a traditional GOP candidate's list.

As chairman of his foreign policy team, <a href="" target="_blank">Trump</a> has named Republican senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama. Sessions has served in the Senate since 1996, and his experience fighting against Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as his background as an Attorney General will make him a powerful leader of the foreign policy team.

Walid Phares also made Trump's list. Phares is a counter-terrorism expert who often appears on television and who teaches at the National Defense University. Phares is one name that no Republican in the establishment would nominate.

Trump also tapped former Department of Defense Inspector General Joe Schmitz. Schmitz served with George W. Bush but Trump obviously thinks that he still has something left to contribute.

Another off-the-wall name is General Keith Kellogg. Kellogg is a vice president at an intelligence technology consulting firm. His real-world experience obviously mamkes him a strong candidate for Trump.

Carter Page made Trump's list as well. Page is another real-world worker who is a partner with Global Energy Capital and a former Council on Foreign Relations wonk. His experience deals specifically with Russia and the economy.

The last member of Trump's "Dream Team" is George Papadopolous. Papdopolous formerly advised Ben Carson on foreign policy and Trump, who has Carson's endorsement, probably had a nice reference there.

All told, it's nice to see Trump thinking outside the GOP box and putting together a strong team to advise him. If he's elected, he'll need to do that to keep America afloat in these troubled times.

h/t: <a href="" target="_blank">Bizpac Review</a>

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