It would seem that President Elect Donald Trump has already fulfilled a campaign promise of reducing our national debt by $399,000, and he hasn’t even taken the official “Oath of Office.”

The President Elect appearing on CBS’s “60-Minutes” with veteran reporter Lesley Stahl may have pleasantly surprised a few of his supporters when asked if would take his salary once he moved into the White House. Trump seemed genuinely taken back momentarily by Stahl’s question and said he would take one buck, and then asked the seasoned journalist what the current salary for the president was?

Stahl responded; “$400,000 you’re giving up”, at which point Trump acknowledge once again that he would not take a salary, however the law (he believes) requires he take some compensation, thus the “one dollar,” which makes him no doubt the lowest paid federal employee in the country.

However Trump’s is in good company when it comes to forgoing monitory gain, George Washington also refused to take a large salary, however he didn’t want to set a president for other Chief Executives, thus a small salary. President John Kennedy also refused to take is $100,000 annual salary, as did Herbert Hoover, who gave is annual $75,000 salary to various charities.

Moreover one thing you can rest assured they’ll be no renting of the Lincoln Bedroom and no grabbing over $200,000 worth of goodies after Trump departs the White House, similar to that of the Clinton’s.

Trump made good on his word. This is a clip from last year:


The reaction was immediate and overwhelmingly positive:



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