When the issue of “gun control” comes up, most progressives go into ”cardiac arrest” the blood flow to their brain slows down, they become pale and pasty and lose all sense of reasoning.

Moreover, this emotionally unbalanced hostility to our Second Amendment goes way beyond a physiological disagreement, to outright disdain for organizations such as the National Rifle Association and those influential members like former President Ronald Reagan and our current President Donald Trump.

Moreover following in the footsteps of the 40th President of the United Sates, President Trump will speak at the NRA’s annual leadership forum on April 28th in Atlanta, Ga.

President Trump will be the second president to speak at the NRA Annual Meetings since 1983, when then-President Ronald Reagan took to the podium and expressed his support for our Second Amendment, and the right of every citizen to bear arms.

The announcement of President Trump’s address to the NRA was announced on Friday by the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action's executive director Chris Cox.

Both President’s Reagan and Trump carried their own personal handguns, and a former Secret Service agent recalls President Reagan wearing a sidearm at his 700-acre ranch, and when the well-armed agent asked the former president what the pistol was for, the president responded with that dry sense of humor "Well, just in case you guys can't do the job, I can help out."


The NRA, of course, was a big supporter of both Reagan and Trump. However, our current Commander-in-Chief has the added distinction of being the “first candidate” the NRA officially supported for president, and President Trump is keeping his campaign promises to repeal several Obama anti-gun bills signed (by executive order). The “Social Security gun ban” which would have stripped benefits from Social Security recipients of their Second Amendment rights without receiving due process within a court of law, and outlawing on federal lands the use of lead ammunition.

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