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Sounding more and more presidential, Donald Trump took to the podium last evening to declare a new chapter in American politics has begun.

The once successful mega businessman billionaire and hopefully our future president seemed to take a more sedate tone as he referenced his amazing journey into the world of politics stating; "Tonight we close one chapter in history and begin another," Trump told a room full of supporters.

Reminding them of his astounding achievements in not only being the last man standing in a grueling “17-man over the top rope” primary defeating each and every one of those within the political establishment, but also achieving the most primary votes of any primary candidate within the history of the GOP.

Trump then thanked the voters in New Jersey, South Dakota, California, Montana and New Mexico for his uncontested victories, and then in that infamous Trump style pivoted towards Hillary Clinton, and began a laundry list of Clinton's pay to play scandals and reminding all: "The Clinton's have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves,".

He then ended is brief comments flanked by his family by announcing a major speech he’s planning to give early next week, which will detail Clinton's numerous scandals and controversies.

Do you agree with Donald Trump that the Clinton's have used politics for the sole purpose of getting rich?

Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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