Trump has made it past all the preliminaries and is now on his way to being considered for President of the United States in the November general election. Practically nobody could have predicted that those words would become common knowledge eight months ago. Now it seems like no one is surprised.

However, one major surprise up the Trump campaign's sleeve still remains: who will Trump tap as his vice president?

The businessman has revealed a short list that includes Ben Carson, Nikki Haley (Governor of South Carolina), Susana Martinez (Governor of New Mexico), and Rob Portman  (Senator from Ohio).

However, of the people that Trump considers qualified to share the stage with him as his running mate, it's unclear who the magnate will actually be able to convince to take up the other side of the Trump banner.

Carson, when questioned by the Wall Street Journal, quibbled with his answer but basically said that the felt he'd just be a "distraction" during a Trump campaign.

Haley, Martinez, and Portman each said they were flattered but not interested--in varying degrees of respect to Trump's success.

And that all leaves Trump in somewhat of a bind. By being so polarizing and antagonistic to the establishment, it seems that Trump has shot himself in the foot when it comes to his pick for VP. Trump had initially said that he wanted a Vice President with lots of political experience and connections. However, that list of potentials is shrinking rapidly.

Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallin, said that she would be happy and willing to take on the role, however. "I have not had any direct contact with Mr. Trump, but I would be very honored if I were to receive a call saying I need you to help make America great again," she said.

Whoever chooses to side with Trump, it will be interesting to see how the Trump versus Hillary showdown unfolds.

h/t: CNN

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