While angry protesters decided to go to the street to cause chaos in Chicago, outside the Trump hotel, President-elect Donald Trump decided to actually make an impact and do some good in the midst of the mayhem.

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He fed the police. According to a tweet by a Twitter user and police officer at @ChiTownCheese known only as Darren, Trump provided officers protecting the hotel with sandwiches and a safe place to eat while they worked to keep streets safe.

Trump hasn’t even made it to the White House, and he’s showing the police more respect than President Barack Obama has shown them in eight years.

This effort represents the true nature of Trump and his willingness to remember those Americans who have been forgotten by the Obama administration.

Of all people, police officers deserve our respect, not our condemnation. Feeding the offers is a small gesture, but it is one that far outshines what Obama did while protests were breaking out across the country — nothing, unless you consider golfing actually doing something.

These protests should be against Obama, Hillary Clinton and the entire mainstream media for their stances regarding race relations and police in this country. They should be protesting the fact that liberal news outlets deceived them and willingly cheated to get Clinton in the White House.

Instead, protesters have continued to believe the false narrative the liberal media and Democrats have pushed about Trump for the past year.

The media will never report that Trump is providing food for police officers who are helping to maintain calm in the streets because that might force them to say something nice about Trump, which would make them look like hypocrites — and that can’t happen as long as they are the ones promoting the idea that he is the devil incarnate.

Perhaps as they work through their grief, the mainstream media and protesters alike might be able to see that Trump isn’t as scary as they believe. But don’t hold your breath.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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