How do you eat an Oreo? Do you eat it whole, split it, lick the frosting off first? Dunk it or not? Well, Trump does none of these things any longer. He is boycotting Oreo's.

Why? The company that makes Oreo's has decided to invest in opening four additional manufacturing plants in Mexico.

Yep. There, likely go more jobs Americans are willing to do. With this move by Oreo, existing job loss does not appear to be an issue, but no one can really say for sure, yet. However, it does not seem like it is going to be American jobs gained.

Trump is not going to tolerate this step in further damaging the US economy. If it takes a personal boycott by him, he is willing to make a show of it. Fortunately for his campaign, it allows Trump to illuminate how the US government discriminates against corporations via the IRS, EPA, and other departments, and is willfully destroying our economy.

Nobody wants to go to Mexico. Their people are fleeing their own country and coming here because it is so bad there.

Unfortunately, our government has made our business climate Mexico-like in that our businesses believe it to be so bad here, that they are fleeing to Mexico. That is a disgrace!

In the end, we can thank Oreo's and Donald Trump for this apropos demonstration of why our economy sucks. Nobody wants to do business here, and that is a stain on our government.

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