Once again the violent Trump-hating thugs who the liberal media loves to portray as "peaceful protesters" chose to deviate from this fictional path of non-violence to brutally assault and harass a large number of Trump supporters at a rally, this time in San Jose, California.

This is becoming a regular occurrence in this election and yet liberal news sources continue to sweep it under the rug insisting that the Trump and his supporters are, in fact, the aggressively violent bigots.

The only issue with that is that it wasn't the Trump supporters starting any violence!

This most recent group of attacks was especially violent, but Trump still managed to respond coolly and confidently.

“Thank you for the incredible amount of support last night — San Jose, California,” Trump wrote in a recent Facebook post. “I love you all — we will deal with the thugs & criminals — we will build the wall — and Mexico will pay for it!”

It is good to see that Trump can power-through attacks like this with unwavering confidence, but that doesn't make them any less significant.

Various media reports indicate that Trump supporters were chased, punched, and hit with eggs and even bottles.

It wasn't the 'hateful' Trump supporters starting the many fights at the rally, it was the "peace-loving" anti-Trump goons who deliberately assaulted the innocent people who came out to support their favorite candidate.

In addition to attacking the supporters, thugs reportedly surrounded a car full of Trump supporters, jumping on the vehicle, kicking it and vandalizing it, as well as multiple police cars, because we all know how evil the men and women that put their life on the line every day to keep us safe are.


CNN's Bob Beckel even named Trump as the reason for the attacks.

“It reflects badly on people who are against Trump, but you’ll get that kind of thing when you get inflammatory statements like Trump makes, and you’re going to find people in any group of protesters — you’re going to have a percentage of people who are just very angry and out of control,” said Beckel regarding the attacks.

Apparently, anti-Trump thugs can't control their own actions and can only act belligerently in a blind rage against the supporters of the presumptive nominee.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

These violent protesters are the true bigots and attempts by the liberal media to downplay their actions or deflect the blame are pathetic and show just how idiotic these people really are.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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