A Donald Trump supporter in Bellingham, Washington delivered a shocking rebuke to an obvious Hillary Clinton fan that may have jolted some sense into her – literally.

When local police failed to respond to Ray Gilbride’s complaints that someone was removing “Trump” signs from his front yard, he decided to take matters into his own hands – and not merely because the culprit was interfering with his constitutional right to express his political opinion.

“The fact is, stealing is stealing. I’m getting a lot of that criticism, too, people saying it’s just a sign. Why do we prosecute kids for stealing just a candy bar? Situational ethics is wrong. Stealing is stealing. You’ve got to go back to the basics. If it’s not yours don’t touch it.”

And it wasn’t just theft – whoever was removing the “Trump” signs was trespassing on Gilbride’s property.

So, after talking to police about his legal options to protect his property – the front yard and the signs – Gilbride rigged up a trip-wire and hooked it up to a non-lethal electric charge that would deliver a surprise to the Clinton-supporting thief the next time she made a late night raid.

“It would have been different if somebody hooked it to a 110 (volt) outlet and watched somebody get hurt,” said Gilbride, adding that a pulsating charge similar to that used in invisible pet fences doesn’t do any lasting damage.

Sure enough, the surveillance camera caught the image of the unsuspecting woman running onto Gilbride’s yard in the middle of the night, making her way to the now-electrified “Trump” sign.

“She just stopped, just a dead stop,” Gilbride told local news reporters.

The woman, who remains unidentified, eventually regained her senses, according to the laughing homeowner, and was able to make off with the signs, anyway.

Presumably she wouldn’t be quite as in favor of this form of supporting a candidate if it was Gilbride sneaking onto her yard in the middle of the night to steal “I’m With Her” signs.

Funny how that works for some liberals.

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