Donald Trump's campaign has been criticized by antagonists since the day he proclaimed that he was running. He is too bombastic, some said. Too vulgar, too crude, too insensitive. But Trump's numbers and engagement have been on the rise, despite what many have said.

Some of the recent comments regarding Trump's campaign have come from former Trump campaign staffers who say that the business magnate is slipping due to an overall lack of planning and strategy.

Roger Stone is one of these former staffers. Stone worked for Trump for almost 40 years and can rightly be considered a Trump supporter. But he also left the Trump campaign last year and has since said that Donald is simply playing things by ear and has little in the way of planning and strategy.

"Trump’s campaign has been fueled, from the beginning, with these hot button issues and an extraordinary communications-based strategy, where you utilize these huge rallies, the incredible media coverage they have generated, plus the high-profile debates," Stone told reporters.

But Stone said that Trump's sound defeat in Wisconsin's primary should show Trump supporters and campaigners that there are problems with the media machine that Trump has created.

According to Stone, Trump and his campaign need to get organized if they're to make a better showing in the upcoming states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Indiana.

But Stone seems to be forgetting that some of Trump's biggest fans and supporters are regular, everyday working-class people. The type of people who abound in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and other steel-belt states.

It would be surprising to see Trump's campaign falter at this moment, given the track record they have, but Trump's off-the-cuff manner does suggest he's making up a lot of his campaign strategy as he goes.

Unfortunately for those who don't like Trump's campaign, the off-the-cuff strategy seems to be working wonders for him.

h/t: Weasel Zippers

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