As the field of Republicans campaigning for their party’s nomination at the convention in Cleveland this summer has narrowed to three viable contenders, endorsements from prominent members of the party begin to take on significance and Donald Trump just made certain he will not be receiving the stamp of approval from the 2012 nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney.

In a surprise move, Romney predicted that there is a “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns, on the FOX News Channel’s, “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

“Either he's not as anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay, or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing,” said Romney, who was the victim of similar allegations leveled at him from the floor of the U.S. Senate by Harry Reid (D-NV) during the 2012 campaign.

Trump responded to Romney’s insinuation that there must be something in the tax returns that reflects badly on the frontrunner or else he would have released them, the billionaire whose self-funded campaign has stunned the political establishment, told CNN, “The reason Mitt Romney brings it up is because he lost in the last election, and lost very badly.”

At the Republican debate on Thursday night, Trump was asked about his attack on Romney, he said, “I attacked Mitt because he was a terrible candidate, he ran a terrible campaign and lost an election he should have won.”

In 2012, Sen. Reid made the claim that Romney had not paid taxes for “ten years,” but when pressed for a source for that information, which if true would have been private, Reid deferred saying, “Someone said.”

When asked later, if he regretted making the false statements that helped sink Romney’s bid to beat incumbent Barack Obama, Reid smiled and said, “No… he didn’t win, did he?”



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