One would think that after almost 9-months of “TRUMP BASHING”, that those doing the “bashing” would have learned the more you “bash” Trump the stronger he becomes!

When Trump spoke about temporally banning Muslims (after the carnage in Paris) from entering the United States, he was vilified by the political establishment along with the mainstream media as being “anti-Muslim”, however days later many grass-root voters were in agreement, and Trumps polling numbers increased.

When he announced that he would build a wall and secure our border and keep “illegal aliens” out in the aftermath of countless murders, assaults, and the mass infestation of drugs, he was again condemned as being “anti-immigrant” by those same politically correct politicians along with the media elite…and once again Trumps numbers increased.

And when Donald Trump brought up the issue of outsourcing American jobs on the campaign trail yesterday, he was again attacked by those same progressive elites,who are systematically dismantling America, and labeled a “racist.”
Trump addressed the fact that many call centers now operate out of India, and said he wanted to see how it worked for himself.

“You ever call up on your credit card? You want to find out about your credit card. Guess what? You’re talking to a person from India! You say, ‘How the hell does that work,’” the GOP candidate said at a rally in Harrington, Delaware.

What Trump is asking is what everyday Americans have asked themselves after attempting to decipher the person on the other end of the phone-line, “how can someone you can hardly understand, in a far off country have access to our credit card information, and why can’t we keep those jobs at home? No doubt fair questions.

Source: Fox


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