Donald Trump has been taking flak for not releasing his past tax documents and statements. Mitt Romney was one of the first to actually call out the entrepreneurial magnate for not releasing any tax information, suggesting that Trump had lots of things to hide.

But during Thursday night's GOP debate on CNN, Trump claimed that he hasn't released his tax documents because he's currently being audited by the IRS, something that is likely given his status as a billionaire and a GOP presidential contender.

However, after the GOP debate in a question and answer session with Chris Cuomo, a CNN news anchor, Trump added to the story that he's being audited by the IRS.

Trump said that he thinks he may be an IRS target for audit because of his religion. "Maybe because of the fact that I'm a strong Christian, and I feel strongly about it, and maybe there's a bias," he told Cuomo.

Trump's labeling himself as a "strong Christian" is probably wrinkling some foreheads across the country as the GOP front runner hasn't shown any particular tendency to hold to any specific religion or religious group.

Trump's audit wouldn't come as a shock to anyone, however, because in recent years the IRS has proved to simply be another arm of Obama and progressive Democrats' reach and power.

Ben Carson, another GOP presidential candidate, reported that he was audited by the IRS after making unflattering remarks against President Obama during the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, something that launched his political candidacy.

Trump, however, doesn't have as strong a Christian history as Ben Carson and so his comments about religion puzzle many. Is Trump religious? He certainly claims to be.

But the reasons for the businessman dodging the tax document issue may be quite different. It's really uncertain how much money Trump has paid in taxes. After all, this is the man who coined the phrase "the art of the deal."

Who knows what kinds of deals he has made over the years to get out of paying taxes?

h/t: News Max

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