While many people believe that Trump will in fact be good for our nations economy there are some states and businesses that could actually be seeing a major drop in economic activity and it is a direct result of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Take a look at the following possible scenario and let us know what you think about the damage that Trump may do to this country.

In the state of Arizona thousands of illegal immigrants have started boycotting the sate and moving elsewhere. They are saying this is a direct result of Trump's proposed plans to put laws in place that send illegals back home to their native countries.

One illegal immigrant, Manuel Renaldo, is making a point to hurt Arizona and the local economy by moving somewhere else. He's not alone, there are thousands like Renaldo who share the same outrage and plan of action.

Renaldo was interviewed by a reporter while he and his family of 10 loaded up in their car, that he does not have papers for, with the effects that he owned, paid for with taxpayer dollars. Renaldo spoke to the reporter (through an interpreter) "It's a matter of principle; I refuse to be supported by a state that
treats me like a criminal!"

The state itself has already seen a drop in crime in the form of thefts as a result of the many illegals up and leaving for fear of Trump's new policies. The real pain in the economy can be seen in the noticeable decrease in sales of items such as tequila, spray paint, beer, and ammunition.

The retail market is not the only thing that has been effected by the exodus, however. Hospitals have also seen a sharp drop in the amount of births and emergency room visits.

Furthermore, the state welfare agencies that distribute food stamps and unemployment benefits are getting ready to start laying off staff. Tattoo parlors have also taken a turn for the worse with a large customer base quickly drying up.

Renaldo told the reporter that he was taking his family to "live in Canada" where the Canadian citizens can support him and his family with some respect and dignity.

One thing is for sure, Trump is no angel and it's clear to see things are going to get a little worse for some before they get a whole lot better.

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