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Hmmm. This is certainly a sticky-wicket. Senator Rand Paul Paul proclaims himself to be a Libertarian? Not so much if he's advocating limiting one’s free speech because it might offend someone and god-forbid that someone is a Muslim.

Senator Paul, while speaking with CBS’s Face the Nation, said;

“Should we target mosques and have a database of Muslims? Absolutely not, and I think that’s really disqualifying for both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio to say that we’re gonna close down every place that potentially has a discussion that might lead to extremism. That would require some sort of religious czar that I think isn’t consistent with our freedom.”

So, in an effort to ensure Muslim’s First Amendment to free speech to have “a discussion that might lead to extremism” Paul wants to take away the First Amendment of Trump's and Rubio's right have a discussion regarding how to go about preventing extremism?

Interesting approach. Notice he offers no solution of his own, only disqualifying two candidates willing to jump into the fray and speak the ugly truth regarding a fanatical religion that in and of itself is counter to all of our freedoms. We don’t need a religious czar as he portends.

We need people like Senator Paul to wake up and smell the blood of the Caliphate that people like him, afraid of faux-fending a Muslim, are allowing to creep into our country.

On the issue of a database to track Muslim immigrants, why don’t we have a database on all immigrants? If we did we wouldn’t have 11-Million missing persons, in the form of illegal and legal aliens, wandering around the country.

Rand Paul's comments can be seen in this video below:

Source: American News



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