Once again the Republicans took to the debate stage on Tuesday evening, leaving many to wonder once again what ever happened to those “bubbled-wrapped” and insulated Democrats?

And once again most of the candidates sounded presidential and in command of the issues, and of course because of his commanding lead in the polls, “The Donald” took his usual center spot on stage.

Trump made few mistakes, despite efforts by the moderators and the other candidates to knock him out of the pole position; however Trump is a natural and comes across as intended, unscripted and speaking from the heart.

However he faced repeated (and repetitive) attacks from Jeb Bush, often instigated by the moderators, as Trump pointed out to Bush his commanding poll numbers, while Bush attempted to marginalize Trump by suggesting he isn’t a serious candidate, stating “you can’t insult you’re way to the presidency!”  Then doubling down by suggesting that being president is a “tough job”, perhaps implying that Trump isn’t tough enough, which drew a response from Trump, “yea you’re a real tough guy!”

While that match-up was indeed intense, both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio had their own dust-up over past Senate votes, and other candidate’s repeated lines familiar from the campaign trail, Trump looked comfortable and solid.

Dr. Ben Carson and Fiorina had moments, and the other two governors onstage sounded clear themes, New Jersey’s Chris Christie attacking Washington, and Ohio’s John Kasich calling for less bickering.

All and all it was a solid performance by all candidates, however the night belonged to Trump not simply because he performed well, most did, but rather because of his commanding lead, and the fact that he’s moderating a bit and actually praised his fellow candidates.

Moreover when moderator Hewitt asked Trump to re-affirm his commitment to staying within the Republican Party, Trump said he would do so, prompting Hewitt himself to applaud.

“I feel honored to be the frontrunner,” Trump explained.

Source: Breitbart


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