Once again, Donald Trump seems to have captured the essence of another national debate, whether children born to illegal aliens on American soil, regardless of their legal status, can actually claim “birthright citizenship?”

What seems apparent is that this topic had been largely ignored by Washington the political elite, legislators and the courts, until “The Donald began asking questions.

And there now appears to be some merit to the question about so-called “birthright citizenship,” and whether that child automatically becomes an American citizen simply because of birth.

Trump raised the question while discussing his immigration policies and the need to have real security on our borders, as to whether an illegal alien seeking entrance into the United States, can use her birth as a subterfuge to game the system.

In short gaining entrance “legally” by using fraudulent means, which Trump has actually verbally illustrated, citing what seem to be not so uncommon practices, of having a pregnant illegal alien waiting just across the border in Mexico, and then rushing across the border to give birth.

This approach to citizenship has been the de facto (though not de jure) approach to the issue of “anchor babies,” the children of illegal aliens who come to the United States so that they can have their children here, thus allowing the parents to remain as well, usually helping themselves to generous benefits.

Of course those defending this practice argue from the 14th amendment’s Citizenship Clause that “birthright citizenship” is not only legal, but is in fact constitutionally protected, and is what the 14th amendment has meant all along.

However the issue Trump has raised specifically involves and revolves around Section 1, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

Clearly, the clause was not intended to convey American citizenship to an unlimited pool of children born to aliens on American soil.

h/t: Canada Free Press

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