There is something to be said for speaking one’s mind. Sometimes what somebody has to say is irrelevant to whether or not they are presenting themselves straight-up or massaging their points of view as means of wearing a mask so as to gain your trust.

Such is the case with Donald Trump. Love him or hate him you pretty much know what you are getting with him; a politically incorrect, brash, speaking of his mind individual.

The GOP frontrunner to the Republican primary is garnering plenty of support to the shock, and frankly dismay, of the Republican Party establishment and plenty of talking heads, conservative and liberal.

Why? Well, as put forth by a former military intelligence officer, and author of “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding American in the Face of Jihad,” Trump followers are finding that person who is willing to “wreck the current group of people who are enforcing that narrative that lock everybody out.”

Trump supporters, and even those that do not support him at-, are impressed by someone who is not afraid to be called a bigot and completely disregards those that would lob such a bomb his way.

Americans are tired of having control of their lives taken away and our safety as a nation being a distant second to fears of being called a phobic of one kind or another.

“What we are seeing is the execution of a narrative to silence dissent in America by people who can win the debate with facts, when the other side can only win through a narrative that intimidates and silence,” says Coughlin.

America is rising up to demonstrate that “Intimated” does not define them.

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