The illegal immigrant population is full of criminals; rapists, drug dealers, etc.

We can all recall that time when Donald Trump suggested that some illegal aliens are just that.

Was he wrong? Who among the conservative half of the country would disagree?

Only those namby-pamby fence-sitters who are afraid to offend someone on the left, and thus self-censor, and attempt to take down those with a spine.

Turns out, yet again, for the umpteenth time, that Trump was right. An ILLEGAL MUSLIM from the United Arab Emirates, a25-year old, textbook profile of a terrorist, Hamid Mohaed Ahmed Ali Rehaif (that’s a mouthful) has been arrested.

This student-visa holder, was living it up in a hotel, checking in and out, every day, and coughing up $11K in poor down-trodden people-in-the-shadows room fees.

That’s a lot of dough for a student who was kicked out of his college for not showing up to classes at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne. Hence the illegal alien status.

Turns out he was arrested and he faces a decade in the hoosegow and deportation. Good riddance. Not only is he an illegal, he is an arms dealer. He admitted to buying and selling guns.

In fact, the investigation into the Rehaif yielded “rounds of handgun and rifle ammunition in his hotel room and in a storage unit that he had rented, but they did not locate any firearms.”

Hopefully, the investigation continues, because the guns are out there somewhere. They need to get him talking…water-boarding, anyone?

Source: Conservative Tribune



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