For those that have been keeping a keen eye on the presidential race, there comes a moment when everything seems to miraculously fall into place, it’s that point during a grueling race, when both combatants enter the homestretch, that part of the course where both contenders can see clearly the finish line, and that unmistakable feeling if you’re a Trump supporter that he’s reached his stride, and that the momentum is on our side, and all that’s needed is to ride low in the saddle, stay on point, don’t take the bait, and ride home to victory.

On Saturday Trump once again rode low in the saddle, with another masterful moment that once again drew the fundamental differences between himself and Clinton, rather than highlighting moms of thugs killed by police for resisting arrest, Trump highlighted the victims of illegal aliens, mothers, fathers, husbands and wife’s murdered in cold blood by an underclass of illegal aliens, many deported only to return and commit crimes again and again.

“Help is coming,” Trump told the angel families, assuring them that “their loved ones will not have died in vain.”

Trump visibly moved after each victim spoke of their own personal lose, took to the mike and pledged to “advocate for justice on behalf of all American victims.”

Announcing to those in attendance; “Help is coming. I’ll tell you that, help is coming, on November 8th; we’re going to win the White House [loud applause]. And we are going to deliver justice for every American family and every single American victim… Together we will save American lives and prevent the next thousand American parents from suffering the same fate of the people in this room today. Their loved ones will not have died in vain!”

Trump said,

The most fundamental duty of government is to protect American lives… Anyone who fails to understand this is not fit to hold public office (loud applause). Every day our border remains open, innocent Americans are needlessly victimized and killed… Every day we fail to enforce our laws… is a day when a loving parent is at risk of losing their child. And it’s happening every single day. All across this country, dining room tables have an empty seat at the family table because our government abandoned its duty and failed to enforce our basic laws.

Maria Espinoza who is the founder of the Remembrance Project, praised Trump for his efforts to support “America’s most forgotten families.”

She said, “On June 16th 2015, most Americans probably don’t remember that day, but here our families do. We remember that day because that is the day Donald Trump announced his run for President of the United States. There is only one candidate who spoke the truth. There is only one candidate who reached out to our stolen lives families, America’s most forgotten families. There is only one candidate who embraced and took in his arms the mothers whose children were killed, innocent victims. And for over 15 months Mr. Trump has traveled all across the United States and met with our families and listened to their stories.”

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