The liberal media has been having a hey-day with Donald Trump's recent comments regarding President Obama's birth certificate, what some pundits call the "birther" movement or argument. However, Trump unleashed a powerful claim that's sent many back fact checking when he claimed that Hillary Clinton, in fact, was in charge of the original "birther" movement.

"In 2008 she was the original birther. She is the one that started that whole thing. By the way, don’t switch your votes to Hillary. But Hillary is the one that started it," Trump announced at a recent gathering in South Carolina.

To back up his claim, Trump talked about a picture that Hillary's staffers had been passing around back in 2008, when Clinton and Obama weren't friendly and were both fighting for the Democratic presidential nomination.

That picture showed Obama dressed in a Somali turban during a visit to Kenya. The Washington Post reported that Hillary's campaign was doing everything it could to "to convince Democratic voters that "Barack Hussein Obama" was not electable[.]" That strategy included attacking his international experience growing up and the perceived lack of American values and ideals that he possessed.

Today, however, Hillary is denying any involvement in the question of Obama's citizenship and commitment to America. She seems to have forgotten that her campaign was almost solely focused on ways to turn off the voting public from this "multicultural" candidate who didn't quite represent America.

But Hillary's connections with various staffers and employees who have said even crazier things than most conservatives is undeniable. Though she's fired most of them, Hillary's workers and supporters have claimed that Obama was secretly Muslim and trying to corrupt America from Washington, that he was perhaps Indonesian, that he has dual Kenya-U.S. citizenship, and that, because a random Kenyan claimed Obama was from his country, that Obama might, in fact, not be American.

"So Hillary started it and then she acted so indignant. Give me a break," said Trump. We couldn't agree more, Mr. Trump.

h/t: Breitbart, Washington Post

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