“Bobby Ritchie is running for the US Senate!” Who’s Bobby Ritchie he’s that white kid from middle-class Romeo Michigan also known as “KID ROCK,” the bad boy rocker and American patriot is about to put his successful (sold over 22-million albums) career on hold much like another well-known first time politician (currently residing in the White House), to run for U.S. Senate.

The Detroit native who no doubt infuriates the loony left with his humorous antics by wearing t-shirts reminding those just how billionaire businessman Donald Trump captured the White House with a graphic map of the United States depicting the Electoral College.

Rock made the breaking announcement on Twitter and some of his neighborhood pals took to social media recalling how Kid Rock and his family would attend their local Catholic church on Sundays, and how he would help those in need in his city of Detroit.

Rock much like President Trump is a big supporter of our military and takes every chance he gets when not on tour to go overseas and perform for the troops, and has even donated homes specially designed for disabled veterans.

Although Rock has yet to announce which party he would like to run on, my bet it’s not the “jackass” there are more than enough to go around within that party.

Rock has been a strong supporter of President Trump and past presidential candidates within the GOP, namely Mitt Romney and Dr. Ben Carson; however, in a recent Rolling Stones interview Rock considers himself a Libertarian.

Stating “I don’t like the hardcore views on either side and I’m not in bed with anybody.”

However that being said, Rock is one of the most prominent right-leaning voices in music today, and again much like the president he’s more of a populist, and not firmly wedded to one political Ideology, other than believing in small government, the rights of individuals, a strong pride in our traditions, yet socially moderate and even liberal…pretty much what most of those folks residing in middle America are all about.

Tell us in the comments below if you think KID ROCK would make a good U.S. Senator?

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