It would seem by the continued positive poll numbers, that a substantial number of voters have already come to the conclusion that Trump is a “can do” guy.

And unlike the run of the mill politician who promises everything and delivers nothing, in Trumps world “words do indeed matter” and one doesn’t get to become a billionaire within the private sector on empty promises…and that simple logic seems to finally have the political elite’s attention.

In that the political spin on both sides of the aisle doesn’t seem to work any longer with the voting public, they have figured out that the majority of politicians are in politics to serve themselves and not the people who put them there!

So when Trump speaks of fixing a problem, rest assured that’s exactly what he’ll do if elected. And one of the first issues he’s promised to fix is the overwhelming incompetence and corruption within the VA system.

Under Trump’s plan, vets of all ages who are eligible for VA care could get treated at any civilian doctor’s office or hospital that takes Medicare.

No bureaucratic hoops, pre-approvals or wait lists.

Trump’s proposal leverages the close connection between Medicare and Veterans Affairs, in that 45% of VA users are already on Medicare.

Opponents are carping that Trump’s plan lacks details, but we don’t need a 1,000-page bill. Because it does an end-run around the VA bureaucracy that has sabotaged every effort so far to allow vets to go outside for care.

Source: NY Post


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