In a rather controversial move, President Trump is shutting down the even more controversial transgender bathroom policy that Obama put in place in public schools. This short-lived policy received a lot of harsh criticism from concerned parents. Now, it seems boys who think they are girls or just say they are won't be allowed to go into the little girls room.

Since the news of Trump's bathroom policy change, the left has erupted with anger and outrage. They feel that now that these confused transgender persons can't go into any bathroom they want the entire nation will fall apart.

Of course like every other thing in this country that the left gets upset about, the liberal celebrities are the most vocal about this issue.

One of the more vocal on the subject is actress Brie Larson who had some very strong words:

Well, this idea that Trump is coming after the youth of our nation with some malicious plan to hurt kids is absurd and completely debunked by three main arguments.

The Daily Wire explains how absurd the left really is being in three genius points:

1. This Is Not The Federal Government’s Job. The federal government has no role in redefining sex for an entire country, particularly not under laws like the Civil Rights Act specifically designed to protect biological women from biological men in many cases. This is an issue for states and localities, if it is an issue for government at all – which it isn’t, since assaults are already prosecuted, and transgender people have equal access to protection from the police.

2. Women Have A Right To Their Spaces. The left keeps saying that women should stop being bothered by men entering their bathrooms and locker rooms if the men self-identify as women. That’s insulting to women and dangerous for them. First off, not all transgender women look like women, as some advocates seem to say – the whole proposition of transgenderism is that you can look like Mr. T and be a self-identified woman following other women into the bathroom. There are some men who have taken advantage of this. Does the left believe that men should simply be allowed to use women’s bathrooms? If not, then why would they assume that self-identified men are significantly more dangerous to women than men who identify as women?

3. Sex Is Not Malleable. Nobody is arguing that transgender people shouldn’t be allowed to think whatever they want about themselves. They have the right to dress how they want, act how they want, and identify however they want. But their right to wave their fist – just like everybody else’s right – ends when they hit a nose. And mandating that everybody arbitrarily shift the definition of biological sex to self-identification – and threatening to punish those who don’t – is an imposition on the entire society. Society cannot simply begin undermining crucial truths like sex because some people are susceptible to more mental health problems due to that truth. That would be an argument for doing away with truth generally.

The left should really think before they start screaming and accusing Trump of being some crazy child abuser. If anything Trump is just trying to protect women and their space. Of course, the left can't see it like this because, to them, Trump is some racist sexist creature. It's time the left starts using some sort of reason when they make their baseless accusations and arguments.

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Source: Daily Wire


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