There are many variables when we attempt to define the term “leadership” however the one absolute within its definition “is the ability to manage, set and achieve challenging goals, take swift and decisive action, and out-perform the competition, and inspire others to perform well.”

And perhaps nothing better exemplifies leadership then the performance of our Commander-in-Chief within the last few weeks in his handling of two historic and unprecedented weather events in our nation’s history.

Two catastrophic events within less than two weeks apart, that would have no doubt overwhelmed the average chief executive, however not this president, and perhaps there lies the distinction between the mindset of the politician and that of a self-made billionaire and CEO who views the overwhelming challenge as an opportunity rather than a crisis that needs to be confronted directly, early and before it actually becomes an unmanageable crisis.

And to that end the president created a strategy of coordinating with both local and state governments by signing off and mobilizing federal assets in strategic locations “before” Hurricane Harvey actually roared into Texas, and no doubt that same strategy is currently be used in the deadly wake of Hurricane Irma, currently reeking havoc on the Florida peninsula.

Even the liberal establishment is giving the president high marks for his handling of nature’s fury, in fact, the only negative from the loony mainstream media was the first ladies shoes. Even a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles had high praise for the president’s performance.

Professor Caroline Heldman via acknowledged that the president did a great job in handling the crisis saying;  “we are starting to see him shine.”  She went on to say that he is doing “an exceptionally good job” regarding hurricane relief.

Moreover, according to Florida Governor Rick Scott, the president is focused on the storm and talks with him “pretty much every day.” Scott also acknowledged that the president assured him “I will provide whatever resources you need.”  Scott himself has said that “we will spare no expense to save every life in this state.”

Do you think the new strategy created by President Trump in handling natural disasters will be used by other chief executives in the future?

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